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Expecting a baby in 2023? Let’s do this together mama :heartpulse:

What type of bag to pack for hospital. Is it one for me and one for baby or what way does it work?

I was about 35 weeks tried to be so organised and ended up taking aload of stuff that I didn’t need which made it annoying to unpack when I came home.
Take the basics for yourself and your baby and it will make life alot easier! Don’t forget phone charger though!

Maternity pads x2 packets
Big pants
Pyjamas - loose with button down shirt
Button down nightshirt
Breast pads
Toiletries (shampoo, toothpaste, lipbalm, moisturiser)
Ear plugs
Flipflops for showering
Comfy socks
Something to travel home in
Big zip up hoodie (although I think hospitals are always too warm)
Phone charger