Baby Led Weaning

Anyone any experience with baby led weaning? Have heard some great things about how good it can be for a baby but also nervous to start that way in case of choking risk! Any reassurance or tips welcomed.

My son is 13 mths old & is still breastfeeding. Would love some tips on weaning.

My daughter is 29 months and I’m still breastfeeding as well. We’re trying the substitute method (anything she asks for boob, we offer something else). It’s helped a bit but she still sometimes wants boob for comfort :confused:

Hi there,
my little one is now 18m, we did the whole baby led weaning bit and i do not regret it. I was watching him like a hawk for fear of choking the whole time… lol, i was over doing it so…

Here are a few things to note (for your sanity):

  • EVERYTHING breaks down the more your baby gums it.

  • Babies DO NOT like to let go of food in the beginning. Which means they will hold it an gum it until its a mouthsize portion or breaks off.

Those two things have already taken the choking risk down to a 30% chance. [The balance of the risk is up to what you serve.]

Additional factual information*

  • A TRULY CHOKING BABY DOES NOT make a sound. Their airway is blocked and so they will be trying to breathe/swallow.

**Babies are MADE to start eating food after about 6m. Their bodies can handle it [THIS IS IMPORTANT] Gagging and coughing are NOT BAD SIGNS! Its a good sign that your baby is moving food that has slipped down, is too big or wasnt chewed enough. DO NOT PANIC!

Now, to keep this response short and not bore you with my personal experience:

  • Check out @Zaynesplate on instagram this is where i got most of my BLW meal options from at about 7m onward.

  • Get creative offer thick soup with lots of soft food in it and the more your baby masters chewing (gumming) and gets more teeth increase the textures.

and finally,

  • include every flavor of food ESPECIALLY VEGETABLES VERY EARLY (Im convinced my baby is a vegetarian now because he likes to only eat fruits, veg and beans) Wish i had done the same when my 9 year old was a baby.

Ive created some great baby recipes myself in that time I’ll share those on another post perhaps.