Lazy partner

My partner just refuses to do anything around the house to help out and I’m exhausted :weary: Has anyone been through the same thing?

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Yes, i think this is a issue alot of us go true. I am as well right now. Sigh idk what to say to even start. Im sorry you are tho i hope things get better. But try talking together and see what can be the outcome.

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Thank you Melissa. Sigh. Just seems i have to do everything or it wont get done
Im sorry to hear you’re also going through this :pensive:

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Hey just keep your head up you will be blessed for all that you do. Its hard but we always try our best to make it happen as we have little ones looking up. But just try talking and see i really hope it works because it can really be a strain and can cause more stress on our selves

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Sadly this is the reality for millions of moms worldwide. I remember reading a study that says 90+ percent of moms carry all mental and physical load for children and home duties(even if she’s working full-time).

You’re not alone and you do not need to accept this as your norm. Just as he can opt out of his responsibilities, do the same especially if he flat-out refuse. Hire help if you can.

In our house, we divide and conquer, and hire help as needed. PS: I’m still exhausted so I can just imagine if it was all on me.

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Dana, such an inspiring response. I appreciate you :two_hearts:

I think we’re all going through this. It can be very frustrating. I am just three weeks post delivery via c-section and it feels as though everything that has to be done needs to be read out and spelt out for him.

Sometimes I feel as though there’s a timer on my recovery, so things can go back to “normal”

Hi Leah. I thought I’d check back in to see how you’re doing now :heart: