Motherhood and mental health

No wife/mother should ever have to apologize for wanting a mental break from her children, especially if they gave up EVERYTHING for them (job, social life, friends, etc…). Depression is real and often as women we are too ashamed to say anything because NOBODY really cares until it’s too late, or unless they are in a similar situation. Men need to step up as husbands, as fathers, because parenting is NOT a one person job. Single moms may have it worse, but it really takes a village. While they may not be married, at least some women have their moms, sisters and family to depend on, others like myself don’t have that privilege. Thoughts…?

Yes and there’s always the same thing of ask for help, but what if there is no one you can ask? Mental breaks, when you can manage to get them, are not only needed but make us better and happier mothers.

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