Percious Mom Memory

One percious memory that I continue to cherish with my mom was her determination for me and my silbilings to attend school. One rainy day as I left my villge for school my feet got into a pool of water and my socks was soaked, my mom quickly got into action and she cut one of my dad’s socks and made a short socks so that I would not of had to miss school that day. My mother always made sure her children attended school.

I’ll have to list one of my most memorable precious moments becausewith my mom theres plenty . I would say my secondary school graduation when i receive my awards and wheni went up to make my valedictorian speech all i could hear was “ahh thats my daugther”. She was also the only one standing love her so much and it made me feel so good inside to make her proud . Ps i get rell kisses n hug ups that dayyy