Pregnancy nose trend

Anyone seen this pregnancy nose trend on Tiktok?? Does it happen to everyone?

I’m sharing the link for the one I saw that was closest to what I experienced! OMG becoming a mom is such a journey!

It doesn’t happen to everyone but when it does…oh man. lol.

Alex (@alexjoelenejacobson) TikTok | Watch Alex’s Newest TikTok Videos

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LOL! I am fully aware of the issue however, it didnt happen to me. I think its genetic_ if it happened to your mom or grandma it could be your fate…

Also, if you have water retention in your pregnancy (swollen body parts.) it could happen.

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It’s just another symptom i didnt know about before pregnancy :rofl: my mom tells me she didn’t have it but her feet did go up a size :face_with_monocle: