Toddler waking in the night again

Hey, our toddler (almost 2) had been sleeping through the night but the last month or two he has started waking more and more, not sure what’s causing it. Have tried earlier / later bedtimes and longer /shorter naps but nothing seems to help. Any advice or insights appreciated.

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Maybe hes hungry try giving solid foods

Hey, hadn’t thought of that - he would eat well during the day and have his dinner about an hour or so before bedtime, but his dinners haven’t been great as of late so he could well be hungry. Will give that a go for sure thanks!

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One of my sons had this for years and to this day continues to wake up with ‘growing pains’, he now 8! Physician puts it down to growth spurts

This happened to me I think it’s a form of sleep regression due to growth spurts etc (I hope I’m using the correct term) just maintain the same routine for bedtime, they will come out of it.

Yeah no doubt it’s just a phase but this phase seems to be going on a long time… (since he was born?! :joy:) but will persist with routine anyways. We have found ourselves just sleeping on the floor beside him at times so he is probably getting a bit tooooo used to that.

Many things could be added to his/her daily routine. Like solid food 1 o 2 prior bed time, bath before going bed. Short naps, sports o any activity that put him in alert and get him tired after that but I will said not later than 5pm. Keep a daily routine we humans should adapt to it in no more than a month. Good luck :four_leaf_clover:

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