We need sleep!

Moms, I desperately need help. Our 15-month-old is having a really bad time with sleep and we are struggling to function. She usually goes to bed around 7pm and is asleep within 15 mins. But now she won’t go down until 8 or later and it’s taking over an hour to get her to sleep! She has 2 naps a day, approx an hour each in duration. is this a sign we need to drop down to 1 nap?!

Hi in my experience both my kids when at this age was bathe, fed and put to sleep by 11 am everyday. They would sleep for 3 hours. So by 2pm they would be up and refreshed. I had no problems with sleep by 7pm. This actually worked well with both kids. You could probably cut down to one nap a day but longer. Children grow better when they get enough sleep. Hope this helps.

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Nita, thank you so much for this. I thought i was losing my mind! This is why i love this forum

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I feel your pain we found the transition period between 2 naps to 1 so hard! It does sound like it might be time to start thinking about it though. I would definitely ease her in slowly, you could start capping the first nap by a few minutes every few days. That would then start to make the second nap earlier and over a few weeks (or however long it takes) you could just do one nap, starting it about 11am and doing 6pm bedtime, gradually getting towards a noon nap and back to 7pm bedtime.

You could also try capping the second nap and extending that wake window before bedtime - delicate balance between sleepy baby and over-tired baby though I know!!

I hope that helps in some way. That was our approach but it was all trial and error and it took us a while to get to the point where he was having one decent nap a day… but some kids take to it straight away so I wish that for you!! :smiley:

Agree with @Nita_Maharaj, bathing in luke warm water worked really well as part of bed time routine with all my boys. Good luck with it

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