Would you forgive your partner for cheating on you?

Hi moms, looking for your opinions! A friend of mine recently went back to a partner who had cheated on her, it seemed like it was just a once-off and obviously their business. I was surprised but as they have a kid I guess I understood? Had a conversation about it with my husband however and he was absolutely blanket no, would never forgive cheating even though we have kids. Now I’m not planning on putting that to the test any time soon :joy: , but wondering how other moms feel about it? Would you forgive your partner if they cheated on you?

Hi Mel_Ann, I would agree with your husband, I just don’t think I could recover from the betrayal, as much as I may want to. But also feel like cheaters gonna cheat you know? So it would likely happen again… if it hasn’t already and this was just the time they got caught. :see_no_evil:

I agree and disagree. Yes i wouldnt take back a cheating spouse my walls would be an i wouldnt move past what you did in my mind you will do it again might even be disgusted on the inside while trying to be ok on the outside. But the kids will be affected as much as me during that phase of not taking back especially if the partner is not willing to co parent properly. By this i mean put in the work that even tho the parents split it feels like they didnt.